Red Cross helps police twice in same day in KCK


Twice on Tuesday, the American Red Cross was asked by law enforcement in Kansas City, Kan., to provide support.

In the morning, Red Cross workers were on the scene of a hostage standoff, providing much-needed refreshments to the first responders in the sweltering heat.

American Red Cross stand in front of emergency vehicleThen, in the afternoon with temperatures nearing 100, the Red Cross again responded to provide water, sports drinks and snacks to the men and women who worked the crime scene where they had lost one of their own in the tragic shooting death of a police officer.

Sweat mixed with tears as the officers went about their duty of working the crime scene, made even more poignant because it was the second time this year  that a KCK officer has died in the line of duty.

When asked what the role of the Red Cross was, one of the workers replied, “We’re here to help them as they help the community.”

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