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World Blood Donor Day, we welcome you to our blog about Red Cross blood donation in Madrid. One of the main protagonists of this space will be the anonymous heroes who each day selflessly contribute their grain of sand to save lives. We also want to give a voice to the rest of the links that are part of the great chain of blood donation, as well as share information and data that will surely be of interest to you.

What will you find in this blog?

In this space we are going to tell you everything related to blood donation and the work that is done daily from the Blood Donation area of ​​the Red Cross in Madrid, our history and the most interesting and curious data, in addition to getting closer to the main donation campaigns we carry out.

We want you to meet all of us who are part of this great family and that we make it possible for the blood to reach those people who need it most: our heroes, volunteers, health personnel, promoters, drivers, administrators, sponsors and collaborators. As well as telling the story of the recipients with the aim of making everyone aware that with each donation we can save 3 lives.

In short, we want to turn this blog into a meeting point between our heroes, recipients, volunteers and professionals who work at the Red Cross Blood Donation Center in Madrid.

We hope that you will find the content that we are going to publish in this space interesting and, above all, we want you to participate with your comments and help us save more lives every day.

We started! Are you accompanying us in this new adventure?

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